Do I must forget her?

Well, I love a girl; she said she love me also. Our relation was going verry well but after a little quarrel she behaved very weird and then I felt got hurt and I didn't want to talk to her for a short time to think and calm down; I didn't want to hurt her by talking at that time. Bu she left me completely, interesting... She is in this site and I can't reach her in anyway... What do you suggest? Do I need to forget her completely , or... ?


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  • An argument is the test of ones love.

    If someones willing to bail after a little disagreement, I'd have to question the extent of their actual feelings for me.

    I'd keep my distance as well.
    You can't fight for something... someone else isn't fighting for.

    • You are right on the basis of feelings; but I really find interesting she behaved me very cold after that even if I wasn't wrong and leave me completely... A true love is that easy?

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    • You are right probably :)) I really can't understand women sometimes...

      Thank you for ur interest my friend...

    • <3 No problem. Best wishes!

  • Talk to her. Good relationships/ friendships are measured by the bad times not the good. We all have disagreements with people or fall out at times, but that doesn't mean it's over. Maybe because you stopped speaking to her for a while she left you completely thinking you were indifferent towards her.

    Friendships are only over if there's nothing left worth fighting for. Maybe she is feeling like you are and wants you back in her life. She may miss you loads

    • She rejected even my attempts to talk :) she just blocks...

    • I guess it depends on the reasons why she's ignoring you. Sometimes people ignore you because they are hurt. A person's loudest cry is their silence

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