How do you know if your ex'es new girlfriend is a rebound?

Me and my ex broke up in October and now he's had a girlfriend sense Wednesday. do you think she's a rebound?


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  • Sorry to tell you but it most likely is not a rebound. Rebounds are pretty much for right after a person breaks up, they go out and try to get a new girlfriend/boyfriend to alleviate the pain and try to switch there felings to another person. people only do it within a month or 2 from breaking up. not 5 months. He obviously took some time to think about too. I'm sry to tell you truth but I don't like to give people hope cause I've goten hope once and was crushed.

    Good luck with whatever ur next move may be


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  • I don't think so. It's been several months. She would be a rebound if he dated her a week after you guys broke up

  • how long did you guys date for?

    • 11 months

    • Yeah, I would say she is a rebound. have you guys talked at all? and who broke up with who?

    • Well we stopped talking ever sence we broke up, but on friday night I stated talking to him anhd now were good.. like were friends I guess I don't really know wats going on but might as well just move on right.

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