Guys, Help!!! So what does this all mean?

My ex finally asked me to go to the movie's with him to see this movie he been dying to see. Then we went to go get pizza. Did he really want me to go or was it he just wanted to go with anyone and I happen to be there?
He thanked me for going with him just like he used his when we first started seeing each other years ago. It was really nice.
So what shall I make of this?
Guys comment!!!


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  • If you consider this as a date then it is.

    • Does it sound like it was

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  • Depends on whether or not he considered it a date. You say he's your ex, so is he seeing someone else? And if so, why not go with her?

    Sounds like a date to me.

    • No I don't believe he is.
      I mean why take me out if he is right? But he's not

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    • I don't know. There's only one person who can answer all these questions and you know who it is. ;)

    • We'll why would he take me out just to be polite anyways

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