Ex girlfriend and other girls?

alright so my question is that if you and your long time girlfriend/boyfriend took a 'non see other people' break about 3 months ago and you go weeks without talking would it be okay to hook up with other girls? I'm asking because when we do talk its so obvious that we go together so well but she said she needs time to herself and she said that she will always love and have feelings for me and il always care for her its just...well I was at this party and this girl I was talking to was trying to hook up with me and I denied her cause I know I would feel guilty, like I cheated on my...lets just call her betty. so I would feel like I cheated on betty. am I just being a big bitch or do you think bettys out there hooking up with other people? just put in your two cents.


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  • Your long time girlfriend who decided to take a break from you does not really love you at all. If she really did love you she would do just about anything for you. When people go off on these little so called "breaks" its because one of you two wants to be messing around with other people without having the guilt of being the "cheater". It seems to me that she in this situation wants to be given her freedom to do whatever she pleases and she knows that just by telling you these words like: "i will always have love and feelings for you" that she can go running back to you after she's done messing around because she knows that you are going to be foolish enough to wait upon for her return. Tell me is it really worth it? Are you just going to wait on her to come back to you after she's had her fun and games? I believe that you should move on and enjoy being single go off on dates and show her that you have better things to do than just waiting for her.

    • Im not a fool. I know when someone loves me, and yeah I would wait for her for the rest of my life just to see her smile at me again. I wouldn't stay around if she was having her 'fun and games' but I know this girl...i know her really well and she's not like that. I am enjoying being single alot, but being with the person you love more than words could ever even attempt to explain is the best thing in the world.

    • Best of luck to you.

  • When exactly is this break supposed to be over? If she's trying to find herself, then she needs to work with you if she expects her in your life. You need to talk to her and ask her is she's serious. Not just love, but serious about the future. And you need to think too. Do you really love her? Because if you're considering dating other girls, I wouldn't think that you do too much. And if you don't, I don't think much will happen between y'all. If she comes back, then she comes back. But this isn't about what will happen in six months or something, this is about what will happen now. You need to figure out if she's worth waiting for or if it's time to move on.


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