Can't seem to find a decent man?

I dated a guy for four months. Everything seemed amazing, he told me he loved me and cride to me in several occasions while professing his love and the fact that I made him happier than he had ever been. He practically moved in with me within the first two weeks of dating (still lives at homes with his parents) and everything was going well. About a month ago I got a new job that demanded many long hours on my feet, the dynamic of the relationship changed and it became more of routine. I was constantly tired and I didn't want to do much. Even though he was supportive at the beginning, things changed rapidly and he soon started becoming easily agitated with me and snappy. Last week, he left a note on my dining table saying "I love you babe" that same day we had made plans to go out to have drinks with his friends, however, when I got out of work I was so exhausted, I told him to go on his own. He then said he wanted me to go and told me we would talk about it when he got home. When he got home, he found me sleeping. The moment he saw me laying in bed I could see the anxiety on his face. He then proceeded to tell me that he couldn't do it anymore. That he felt like we were an old married couple that never did anything anymore and that he felt like he had suffocated us (he didn't like me going out with out him) from the moment he left my house he has continuously texted me.(every single day, multiple times a day) He texts me every single day. We have seen each other on a few occasions and we have hooked up. on Friday he got so drunk he got on his knees while sobbing and told me he loved me, told me that he had never felt like this towards anyone and that he was really scared. Told me to forgive him for putting us through this and that he missed me every day. . He told me he wasn't ready for something so serious, that he still wanted to go out with his friends. I think him moving in with me so soon and seeing wh
What married life was like, really scared him. What should I do? I still love him, but don't want to become the doormat girl that he gets to go home to and have sex with after a night of drinking with his buddies. Please help?


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  • It seems that his previous relationship in the past (old love) left impact in his behavior, which made not feel comfortable about his behavior.
    you've to be honest with yourself about this relationship, and decide if you want to be in or out of this. everything was about him, but what about you?
    everything change when you give yourself priority to choose what do you want, not what other need.

    Good luck...


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