Should I try to get him back?

It's not been 3 months since we broke up... and I still think about him every day. He recently unblocked me from facebook after randomly blocking me last month, I don't know if he was anrgy and suddenly aren't anymore?
Anyways I am still very much in love with him, and a part of me believes he is too.. But I can't know for sure. Should I call him? If yes, what should I say?

It's now been 3 months* that's what I meant to write.


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  • You should call him you have nothing to loose & there's no point wondering just face up & tell hin how you feel

    • Okay thanks.. What do you think may be the reason for the blocking and unblocking?

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    • I can't say for sure but him unblocking you is a good sign at least by putting yourself out there you will find out where you stand which will be a lot better than wondering you just have to do it dont be scared things can't get any worse

    • That's true!! :) Thank you, I will try to work up the courage to call him. Hope it goes well

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  • Yes, I think you should call him, talk to him. It's a good idea, whatever it is at least you'll come to know the truth.

    • Yes, thank you.. :) What do you think I should say? Text or call?

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