Do I have a chance in getting her back?

We've met two years ago and were very happy with each other.

There were some circumstances in which I became very distant. I fell into depression, but she stayed by my side. I couldn't be there for her so I was very unresponsive to her. Eventually, she had enough. Two years later, we reconnected and she told me that she needs time to think about getting back together. She soon told me that she couldn't because of the bad memories that I remind her of.

So, I told her that I need to step away from her life. For both our sakes. She got very sad to the point where she started crying. A lot. I want to make it work between us. Do you guys think I have any chance in getting her back?


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  • Dwelling on the past will definitely be a big problem unless there is change. I don't know how much chemistry you guys have either. You do have a chance, but if she doesn't want it, there's nothing you can do.


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