Do you have a hard time resisting the urge to "creep" your EX's profile on social media?

Last time I creeped was about 2 weeks ago and it upset me because some more questions & doubts came to mind after I did - the latest revelation was that now I'm almost completely certain she was seeing somebody else while seeing me...
Do you have a hard time resisting the urge to
  • Yeah, I sometimes get the urge and sometimes I indulge
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  • No, I don't care about them anymore
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  • I try and forget about it... because I know there is no good that will come from it. Unless I'm trying to get in contact with them about something important your better off not looking for shit.
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  • No, I don't feel the need to do that. "Creeping" someone's social media account makes it more difficult to move on from them. Keeping no contact and not putting yourself in a position to see things that could upset you is better. I've been broken up with my ex for some time and I can say I've completely moved on now and I'm with someone new who I really like.

    It seems like some people just make it even harder on themselves to move on from their past relationships. In your case, for example, obviously there's nothing positive being gained from looking at your exes account. It's only hurting you. Unfriend her if you have to, but don't look at her account. It serves no purpose in helping you to move on.

    • The biggest mistake I made was holding on for so long once things went to shit... I really just wanted her to apologize for what she said & did and I thought if I let there be an opening or some form of contact she'd have the decency and courage to do so, but she didn't.

      I'm glad I decided to erase her off my phone & FB because it was just adding insult to injury seeing her post things and allowing her a window into my life.

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    • Me too, I was completely blindsided by her antics and the things she said & did were insanely cruel (and she was in shock when I retaliated like as if it was unprovoked). It's been a set back during a time period when I was lacking direction almost like the perfect storm to either make or break a person.

      It's made my need/want/desire to be with someone even greater than it was before but I can't seem to meet anyone I'm interested in and when I do come across someone I'm kind of into they are usually not into me which is frustrating.

    • I understand, it just takes time. Don't try to rush anything, sometimes the best relationships come when you least expect it.

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  • Never had a girlfriend so i wouldn't know

    • How come?

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    • Like I haven't heard that one before a billion times I already have and at least he has eyebrows.

    • He barely has eye brows... but did you do it, did you improve your wardrobe?

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  • No why creep on something that doesn't care!

    • This so much, it hurts to say & accept that fact but when you do it makes the process a lot easier.

    • Yeah forget it... just another stepping stone to find the girl of your dreams.

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