If he "doesn't care" why do this?

My "ex" (former best friend/crush, no longer speaks to me, long story) - anyway, his brother added us + some strangers to a Facebook chat group and messaged us all. I only found out because my "ex" changed the group to include his name and then left.
He's pretty indifferent to that type of thing and normally doesn't leave groups - he just ignores the messages. So I'm intrigued. If he truly doesn't care if I'm around (as his bro claims), why blatantly rename it with his name and then disappear?
Maybe I'm reading too much into this. But I'm curious.
He's also blocked me/unfriended me elsewhere. And his bro says I'm essentially dead to him - in the sense of "you don't exist to him."
Any ideas? Thanks!


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  • What happend between u two.. he was ur former best friend?

    • Ehh I think he cared for me much more than that (God wiling) but we couldn't be together at the time (still can't as far as I know) so he shoved me away/broke off our friendship/blocked me online/etc. I mean, he tried mending things for a while but then a friend made stupid loud jokes that I was "texting some guy" (it wasn't even a guy!) and he gave me a weird look and kind of left the group and after that he stopped trying. When he helped move me out of my apartment (I moved across the country) he wouldn't even look at me but I caught him staring at me in the rearview mirror.

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    • I just hope everything works out well, God willing.
      Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it!

    • No problem..

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  • I think he must have been trolling on the Facebook chat.. seems so mean jeez! But you must have really done something to upset him or he's just taking it way tooo far!

    • I mean if you really want to know - read the discussion with vjais below.

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    • Oh lol wait I answered this thinking of the other dude who is still friends with me.

      Nah I'm ignoring this one completely. If he doesn't want to talk to me I'm ok with that because I don't want to hurt him. I think he just wants me not to forget him which is stupid since he's apparently "forgotten" me.

    • Well whatever you feel is best! :)

  • Yes, you may be overthinking as well

  • You're reading too much into it

    • Lol ok thanks. I don't know it's just weird behavior for him - I think he wanted to escape before I replied to the group.
      But thanks I'm trying not to - this helps.

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