Recovering from the hurt of being used?

Not in a sexual way, an emotional/caring way. I fell head over heels for my ex, I did almost everything for him. When he was sick I bought him the correct cold meds to feel better and on another occassion even came over to his place to make soup (that day he ended up pretty much ignoring me, I left). When I was sick, he didn't even buy me cough drops. I feel so used and very upset that after I broke up w/him he was already prob banging some chick a couple days later, I though he was the one. When I broke up w/him, he pretty much said that I didn't appreciate his uniqueness. I put up w/being used and being w/a lazy person who didn't want to make that extra effort to make a life w/me (something he told me he wanted). He called me a couple days later, pretty much wanting to give me the world. I knew he was doing this because it hurt his ego that I left him. Later I asked for my stuff, he told me I broke his heart. He sent another message telling me missed me (social media, not text). Then 2 other 1 word messages and lately a one word text. I haven't seen him post break up, nor did I answer those messages. I have blocked him on FB and I do not stalk his pics.


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  • It can be tough to move on...

    Especially if you know it was your fault...


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