Girls, what if you don't know if you want to be with your girlfriend anymore?

I love her so much. Me and this girl have been dating for awhile and we have had sex and done just about everything we could do, but I still don't trust her. I've been hurt a lot and I'm scared of getting hurt again. And I kinda feel like giving up on us. But I'm not sure I'm 17 and she's 16 and we see each other all the time and she don't act like she's doing nothing, but I feel like she is and I don't know why. please help me


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  • No. Listen to me.
    Do not break up with her. I'm going to tell you the 100% truth right now :
    You have been hurt in the past so you expect that to happen again and it terrifies you. You may have low confidence or low self esteem so your mind is always thinking she's doing bad things even when she could actually be doing nothing at all. Please don't break up the relationship. A girl that is willing to do just about everything with you, and you love eachother is not cheating. You love her. Stay with her.

    • Thank you that means a lot I appreciate it. You helped me a lot.

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    • Ya message me

    • I don't know how to do that can you message me first... I'm pretty new to this site

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