Why did my boyfriend leave me (a good thing) for his toxic ex?

He was in a toxic relationship with his ex which is his babys mother on and off. He lied to me that he hasn't been with her in 2 years and recently I found out they had recently broken up a month ago. I feel like I was the rebound. When she found out that he had been dating me, she went to his job and vandalized his truck. The other day I found out that they are back together. He told me he wanted to make it work and made himself seem so innocent like I got the story all wrong to cover his butt. He told me he loved me and wanted to be with me, it seemed so perfect. He already met my mom and I was aquainted with his family and everything. His family hates his baby's mother because of things she did. I found out that they had been in a relationship on and off for 11 years. I didn't hear from him in a couple of days until his baby's mother contacted me to try to tell me that he's with her. It's crazy I had to find out that way instead of him coming to me to tell me what was going on. He played me and lied to me. I thought he was over her and I thought we were going to be together. Everything seemed so right and we had a lot in common but to find truth out, it's so hurtful and decietful! He NEVER apologized to me. Why must he think being with his ex will be any different or change. She's going to break his heart again. She kept on cheating on him and he himself wanted to find better and he found me but doesn't want me anymore and I just don't get it. I did nothing to hurt him. I knew his ex was crazy and that we wasn't going to let her craziness ruin our relationship and he gave in and got back with her. I told his mother and she is extremely mad at him for going back with his ex causeing trouble. Why do men do that? Why? They get someone better and they drop them for a toxic relationship. That's some of the reasons why some women are the way they are is because of men being so hurtful and deceptive. I thought this guy was truthful and honest but I had to find out the


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  • If he lied to you, then he's probably lied to her too. Think about that.

    Also, thank God you got rid of him now rather than later.


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  • He's letting a manipulative psycho run his life. So he's essentially a spineless, lying cheater who has no opinions of his own. His ex told him to leave you. She told you he was leaving you. He clearly does whatever she says; so there's your answer; 'because she said so'. So sorry you got mixed up with him. Count your blessings that he's out of your life. Sounds like she did you a huge favor.


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  • We don't choose who we love. Love chooses us. And sometimes it really sucks.

  • Probably doesn't appreciate how special you are 💁🏻

  • Sounds like he may have been using you, to make his ex jealous (still liked her)


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