He told me that he wanted to move slow, liked me but more on a friend level.

OK, met a guy about a month and a half ago, went on 3 dates (We clicked very well and we flirt and laugh a lot), last date I told him I really liked him. Basically told me that he wanted to move slow, liked me but more on a friend level, but wants to be friends then get on that level. Didn’t argue with him, but I waited for him to make plans the last two weeks, and nothing. I waited since I felt like I was making the plans and when I was with my ex I felt like I always made the plans so didn’t feel like I wanted to feel like I was with my ex again. Know he’s been through a lot in his past relationships, so I can see him wanting to move slow to be cautious. We talk online and started playing some games on the Xbox 360 and the conversation is good, especially on the Xbox 360 thanks to the headset.


Today I just tell my friends that I was about to give up on this guy, I like him, but him not making plans was kind of getting to me. Then I get home and chat with him as usual, and then this happens:

Him: so what are you doing next weekend?

Me: erm, I work 12-5 on sat, and I took Sunday off since I don’t think I’d want to work that day, heh, no plans really, tho I did kinda plan to drink with (Friend name hidden) on sun but she’s working so that’s a no, so yea no plans

Him: ah, well I should get my new TV on sat

Me: hehe nice ^-^

Him: would be a good day to visit heh

Me: hehe you want me to come over? Hehe

Him: sure why not

So I’m probably going to his place on Saturday, tho he lives alone so that’s going to be kind of weird since we haven’t been completely alone yet. I live with my dad, and I never been to his place yet, since he lives 20 mins away. But he said he wanted to take his time, so kinda weird about it but all in all I’m happy about him making plans.

I have his Twitter, I’m not following him but I know he has one, and he says: ‘Rawr, wondering when I am going to really feel complete’. Says that he put that up yesterday so not sure what to think I guess.

Note I’m 23 and he’s 25.
And he actually found me on a dating site, how we met, but one thing I haven’t told anyone was that I noticed him still going on it.
I mean, I go on it, to delete mail but yeah, like I don't know why he’s on or if he just goes on to see if I have been on like I have been doing with him.


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  • This is the thing with women. You over analyze everything. You dissect every bit of information trying to find what it really means. Be alone is a good thing, it allows for that serious one-one conversation for both of you to really see each other's feelings and decide your next move. You said he's been hurt before so give him time, he has to learn to trust you. Him talking about the new TV thing is a casual way of really asking you to come over for more then just the TV. His twitter comment is understandable. Maybe you can be the piece that completes him, hehe I know corny. But seriously if all goes well when you hangout, you could be the piece. With guys, if they like a girl they will either talk to them as much as they can or try to not be so over aggressive and to clingy so they will try to not talk to them in a needy way, ex. asking to hang out every 5 seconds and always trying to find out what they're doing. He's playing it smooth. All you have to do is look pretty (not saying your not or anything, I have no clue how you look) but maybe wear a pair of jeans that compliments your curves and a tight t-shirt that hugs your body, and a touch of makeup (a little eye shadow and some lip gloss or something) It's simple but will go along way. You'll look great with such little effort and he'll notice trust me that your not a makeup freak and that with the slightest touch of makeup you go from beautiful-->gorgeous. Hope this helped. Let me know how things go, Good Luck

    • Thanks, you're probably right, tho I did update it with some online dating site stuff, kinda bothers me but guess I shouldent stress on it heh.

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