He rejected me, now I don’t want to be his friend?

I had a guy that I had become long-distance-friends with for about six months or so. We spoke on and off, but always had a great connection and I began feeling attracted to him. We began talking more, and I made it known that I liked him, and he told me he liked me back. I hadn’t been so happy in a long time. He called me sweet names, flirted with me, was amazing to me really. But … then that stopped. It seemed he was trying to act more and more platonic with me as time went on. I asked about it a few times but he brushed me off and would ignore me. I finally gave him an ultimatum pretty much and demanded to know where this was going (much nicer than I explained it) as I was tired of being confused. He basically told me it would never work because he didn’t want to get past the distance (which didn’t bother me). I understood, but was still torn up about it as I frankly felt a bit lead on, and was upset even more than I had to pretty much pry it out of him that he saw it going no where.

I thanked him still though, I’m not bitter nor do I think he’s a bad person. I still cared about him, so even though I was hurt, I spent more time making sure he didn’t feel guilty than I did worrying about myself. He seemed all happy and fine, but I was hurting. After a while our contact just drifted as I no longer initiated, because as I got over it … my interest in him faded as the affection did.

Am I a bad person for not wanting to be his friend anymore? Before we became romantically interested we were great buddies, but after all of this I feel like our friendship is ruined … does this mean I wasn’t a true friend if I no longer want to talk to him because of this? Help?


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