How do I leave him with out crushing him?

I've been with this guy for 7 1/2 years now and we have 2 children together i was 16 when i fell for him but now i just dont feel the same... i love him but im not in love with him and i have told him this but he insists he can change he just doesn't understand its really not him i just dont feel the same i once did about him and last time i tried to leave he threatened his own life i feel stuck and dont know how to go about this


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  • You can't let his inability to cope with your leaving stop you. He needs to figure out how to live on his own.

    Trust me, I know the situation you are in now. It sucks. I'm sorry there's no easy solution.


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  • You have to ask yourself,
    Do you want to remain prisoner to this relationship forever?
    If not, then you must leave now.
    Sticking around to spare him the heartache or the hurt will only back fire on you.
    You are allowing him to control you.
    That is not fair.

    Take your life and your rights back!

    I just want to add, if you're expecting to feel butterflies in your stomach all of the time , then that is not realistic.
    That is the infatuation stage of a relationship.
    It is one that dies out.

    In order to rekindle those same feelings, you have to spice
    up your relationship.

    Either way, you seem at wits ends.
    Whether you decide to rekindle what you once had,
    how your boyfriend is reacting to you leaving is un-healthy.
    What he is doing needs to be talked about.
    Never allow yourself to remain a victim at the hands of someone else.

    <3 Best wishes


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  • You can't leave, you have kids. Why aren't you married ( if so, it was unclear in the question).

    • If you're really only 13 you would not understand just because i have children does not mean i have to stay with him people grow apart all the time you can't stay with someone just because you have children he will always be their father and spend time with them but we can't be together and no we are not married

  • This may be something you don't want aired here , if you wish you can message me and we will try to sort it out. That's only if you want


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  • Dear, it sounds like you are in a toxic unhealthy relationship. I do hope it's not abusive; normally in an abusive relationship, it's so dangerous to leave that's why many people choose to stay even though they jeopardize their own happiness and safety. Get support (through friends, family, and professional if possible).

    If there are no abuse going on, and you just lost feelings for him over the years, you should be able to talk to him like adults.

    It sounds like you are ready to leave (by your title) if you are worry about his welfare, you can always inform 911 to escort you and your children or do a safety check to make sure he's ok. You can always call up his friends/family and make sure they monitor him so he does no harm to himself.


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