Not sure what ex wants?

I broke up with my ex 2 months ago because his communication with me sucked. I felt like he didn't care enough about me to keep in contact and he wasn't giving me what I wanted.

Anyway I said I couldn't be his girlfriend until he figured out the importance of communication. I said we could be friends but only to be nice.

Fast forward two months. We haven't been in contact since we broke up.

Until a few days ago when he texted me asking how I was and that he missed me. I kept the conversation simple and answered with one word answers. He texted me again today sending a funny video like he did when we were together.

What do you think he wants? Things didn't end horribly but I was deeply hurt by his carelessness towards me. He didn't know I was as angry as I was when we broke up. He's texting me now like nothing ever happened.

(We were friends for a year before we dated).


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  • You'll always possess those feelings if you don't open up to him.
    If you don't address the issue head on, of how he made you feel
    when you were together and when you broke up, you'll always
    wonder what his intentions of contacting you are.
    I think this is a conversation that is needed.

    It seems as if your ex. misses you and wanted to regain contact with you.
    What are his intentions?
    I do not know.
    You have to discuss that with him to find out.

    • Should I discuss this with him now or wait until we've been texting for a while? How should I go about asking him his intentions?

    • I'd let things drag on for a little longer (a couple of weeks) and then I'd ask. I mean , you want to see if this is something that he will keep up doing.
      I'd start the conversation by saying , "I've been meaning to talk to you about something..." or "Out of curiosity, I wonder what made you regain contact with me." See how he responds. Then ask him, "Are you interested in getting back together?"
      Something to that effect

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  • Do you still love him? If so, be nice and friendly on text. Perhaps he realized how much you mwan to him. Become friends and if he asks you to hang out. Do so. It is a chance at a start for a new relationship. Maybe this time both can make things work

    • He hurt me pretty bad. I broke up with him because of his actions and I don't ever want to be hurt like that. Only if he's willing to put me first will I consider it.

    • I agree. Best of luck

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