How do you get over a breakup?

How do you get over a breakup? my boyfriend just broke up with me after 6 years. He broke my heart. My hreat feels like it's falling out of my chest. What do i do now? how do I get pass this?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Eat icecream and chocolate. Also try to make yourself happy. Go out and have fun and enjoy life. Also don't be afraid to date again. It will take time to heal.

    • Thanks, i guess it would help

    • Your very welcome and good luck. I believe you can heal and get over this.

What Girls Said 1

  • It isn't a case of getting over it, it's a case of getting through it. Time doesn't heal a broken heart, it's what you do with your time which heals it. There's no quick remedy you just have to keep busy and your mind focused on things other than him. It's our own thoughts which cause us pain.

    Your feelings will fade and your heart will heal. You just have to be patient because your head wants to move on , but your heart doesn't

    • ... want to let go 💗

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