I've Been blocked?

My ex cheated on me so i havnt spoken to her for 3 months but i never blocked her. However she's blocked me!!! I never told anyone she's a cheater its not like i got revenge or anything or was needy or clingy!!!


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  • Who cares, she's obviously an ass, move on


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  • She just doesn't want any contact with you.

    • Even though i did nothing wrong? she's the one who cheated

    • And you're no longer together. So to move on from whatever you had she cut ties.

    • Thing is i remember her saying she still wanted to be friends & respected my decision but she'd still be here for me even if it took 6 months?

  • Does it matter? She cheated, her loss. Move on.

    • Thank you. I felt I've not done anything to hurt her

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