Will winking at my ex attract him?

My ex left me for his previous ex 4 months ago, and he is giving indicators that it was a mistake. I have kept with the no contact rule, but he has regularly tried to chat to me on fb and sent emails just saying "Hi, how's it going?" and broached the subject of our breakup. He's hinted that he regrets it and said he wished we hadn't met at the wrong time. I have always responded with a friendly/jokey reply, but am the first to excuse myself from chats and don't reply to all emails. We did have a really happy time when we were together, but I guess he was suckered back in when she started begging for him back.

Our mutual friend is having a party in a couple of weeks. He will be coming with his ex. (They got engaged as soon as they got back together. I know that was stupid of him, but trust me, I've gone over the situation and don't need anymore advice about whether I should take this guy back.)

Anyway, my question is mostly for the guys here; if your ex girlfriend gave you a secret friendly wink across the room, like "everything's ok baby" kind of wink, do you think it would make you want her at all? (Given that you still obviously care for her) Are there any other manoevres that you guys would recommend in this situation? Luckily, his fiance is openly jealous of his female friends, so it won't be hard to tip her over.

if I might say, I'm looking pretty hot these days. I have been working out and got my hair done. I know I'm looking hot cos suddenly guys in shops get nervous when I talk to them and security guards in shops don't check my bags anymore! Thanks fellas xxx

Will winking at my ex attract him?
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