How do I get over my child's father cheating on me while I'm pregnant?

I'm so hurt. I had suspicions that my child's father has been cheating on me and when I saw a hickey on his neck... He finally confessed it. I'm nine months pregnant and severely depressed.
I keep imagining how she has a better appearance than me. How her sex is so much better, how her body is irresistible and how he enjoys her company and personality so much more than mine. As much as I tried to make him happy, he finally found someone who catches his attention enough for him to completely ignore me. This has me feeling even more insecure. I want to give up on dating. I've only had three boyfriends and they all treated me like sh*t. What can I do to overcome this pain?


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  • When you understand that his reason for infidelity , purely has to do with issues with himself (and nothing to do with you), only then will you be able to come to peace with this and move forward.
    Even if you were the hottest girl in the world, he'd still cheat on you.
    Why? because he is mentally immature.
    He's not at the time or place in his life where he can handle a commitment.
    Even you being pregnant, shows that him having more responsibility on his plate would is not enough to mold him into a man.
    Sadly, even with time and space some men never change.
    You are beautiful, so is your precious child.
    Leave for better!
    because you deserve it.
    Staying with this man is allowing your child to be raised in a dysfunctional home.
    Let him be there for his child...
    but let him out of your life romantically.
    It's not working out.
    It won't no matter how hard you try.
    Both people have to be honest, and willing to be in effort.
    You are... but is he?

    • You're the best! I appreciate your advice. this is exactly what I need to hear 😢 I thought there might've been more hope bc I hear a lot of stories of women getting cheated on and they still have this happy family and they stay together for years but maybe it's all a show.

    • <3 No problem and thanks.
      Everyone's situation is different. Maybe those men showed indication that they wanted to change.
      Someone who constantly lies , and makes excuses for their behavior does not want to progress towards that point.

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  • This is why im so glad guys can't get pregnant. It makes you really vulnerable to your partner. See how easily they can fuck you. I wish you all the luck in the world.

  • You don't. You just get all sad.


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  • You raise the child on your own because after all he's a shitty father if he's cheating while you're pregnant.
    If you're married, file for divorce. If you're in a relationship, you still break up with him.

  • Luckily your dating days are over now. You can concentrate on raising your child hopefully with better selfesteem that yours.


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