How do you chat with someone on this website?

I want to say hi to people and chat on that box chat- but I can't figure out how. I often get people say hi to me- the chat box just appears with hi. but if I accidentally click it off, then I don't know how to get it back.

Technical help please?

Oh no! Thanks for the help boy from margate- but I'm can't see the chat thing anywhere. There is no chat sign on anyone's profile...what does it look like please? lol...
Actually it somehow doesn't work the box is totally blank?


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  • If the person is online & you click on their avatar/profile a yellow ball will be next to them reading "chat live" click on that.

    If someone is on "your friends" list on the bottom right corner it will read "no friends online" or the name of the person(s) whom are online. Click on the person that you want to talk to & a box will open up on the right hand bottom corner.

    Type in your message to them & you can "chat" with them.

  • In the bottom right corner you'll see something that says 'No Friends Online' or '1 Friend Online' click on that and a list will pop up, then just click on the person you want to chat with and that box you see will pop up.


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