How do I get over a girl without finding another girl to replace her?

I confessed my love ❤ to this girl named Jessica💇 but she ended up breaking my heart 💔😔. She said i was comfortable and settled for what i got. 😕 But like i told her before, she is special🌟✨👩✨🌟and i focused only on her for a reason. 💯💯💯 So now im just trying get over her. 😢🚶i dont wanna try and replace👩➡👧 anyone i view that as pathetic in my opinion.👌 any advice besides getting another girl?
I got friendzoned 🙇
I can get others girls but there was a reason i wanted to be with her more than anyone other girl. 💯


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What Girls Said 2

  • Well replacing the one you love with someone else is always the easiest choice.. but you could always try to replace the feelings with some kind of hobby. I wrote out my feelings in stories when I wanted to get over a guy xD. You could also start telling yourself that it wasn't meant to be, that you're going to find that one someday and well just think of the future. I hope that everything goes well for you ♥

    • I am telling myself that and im beginning
      to believe it. She wanted someone who cared, i cared. But whatever she has my number she can call me if she wants to talk

  • Mm well try to keep your mind busy with stuff like : reading.. games.. movies.. parties.. gym.. or anything you like to do.. and as difficult as it may be, let her go.. dont think about her


What Guys Said 1

  • Don't get another girl, the emotions are not the same with every girl you meet.
    Nothing is pathetic, it's the way we deal with it, Love makes us do irrational things, love is iirational when it comes to lovers and partners, we will do things we wouldn't normally do.


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