Normal after to do this after a break up?

I gave my heart to my ex, he was 1st real love. I found out he was pretty shallow because as soon as I voiced my discontent in the relationship he accused me of mistreating him. I put up w/being taken for granted for months and was always taking the blame for tiny arguments. I made the decision to break up. He called me a few days later making promises he never kept in the relationship. I have no contact since then and have heard very little from him. Every time I see pretty girl I always wonder if he would flirt/date/bang a girl like that. Nothing against those women, but it hurts so much.


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  • Shallow people can be like that. And chances are he would bang them but who knows how easy it would be for the guy? You made the decision to move on. Just focus on weeding out the good people from the bad and you'll meet someone new to occupy your time.

  • Yes, I would say you made the right decision to break up with him.


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