Girl basically led me on for two months, how do I get over her?

(Sorry this is pretty long) I really liked this girl and really wanted to be with her. But during this two month stint she never talked much. And then recently she said "We should start over" and basically broke it off. About a week went by and i get no response. I asked if she wanted to actually start over and basically got "friendzoned". As much as i want to be with this girl i wanna move on. Any ideas on what could have happened for her to say that?

(Apperently someone said i was flirting with other girls to her when I would never even dare do that to someone i cared about)


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  • You say she never talked much, which means she was never into you. You just assumed that she led you on.

  • There's no such thing as a friend zone and she wasn't into your D


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