Is it okay to send a message to your ex a couple of days after you broke up with him?

***I didn't break up with him because I wanted to, but because I felt like he showed signs of disinterest and he evaded the simple question "do you want to be with me" and turned it into a fight and evaded it the second time I asked, a couple of days later.

it ended on a very vague note and i was wondering in what cases is it ever okay to contact an ex for closure? Also, since Christmas and New Years is nearing, would it be weird if I sent him a greeting too?


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  • its nothing wrong you can text


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  • Mmm, I don't talk to my exes at all after we've broken up. But, I think you should take it case by case and if you want to shoot him a text for some closure, then I don't see why not. Maybe just send him a "merry Christmas" text tomorrow and see if he responds. If he's normal to friendly, then you can open a dialogue with him. If he's angry or asks why you're talking to him, then don't bother.


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