Do I have a shot with my ex?

Me and my ex dated on and off for like 6 years. I treated her badly and she ended up dumping me back in August. She had sex with another guy while I was on vacation and left me for him. First I asked her to come back but she said no. She says she's not in love with me anymore, it's been a long time coming, the distance is too far, etc. So I've been trying to get over her. But we still see each other infrequently. Sometimes she'll just pop up and we'll talk. I don't really contact her first anymore. She says she doesn't want to get sexual with me and I respect that. But we kiss. And she gets really emotional and sometimes it seems like she wants to go further but I don't want her to feel like that's the only reason I see her so I don't even try for sex.

We're both seeing other people and we talk about it a bit. She keeps comparing me to some guy who played her recently.

I don't know I just want her back. based on the fact that we still talk do you think I have a shot?


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  • It sounds like she's a bit emotionally unstable and doesn't know what she wants, in my experience you don't want to be with a person like that because they're incredibly unpredictable. All I would suggest you do is really try and get out of her how she's feeling, like even if it's something selfish like she doesn;t want to date you but she doesn't want you to date anyone else, once you get the truth out its easier to get work out your next steps


Most Helpful Guy

  • Other than having sex, what would happen if you got back together?

    • I would get my best friend back. We used to spend most of our free time together. Now I'm lucky if I see her a few times a month.
      If I really wanted to seduce her I could. Not about the sex. And I want to show her that because one of her major complaints was that I made her feel like a sex object.

    • Remember that the success rate of attempted reconciliations is very low, so you must give it all that you've got!

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  • If you treated her bad I honestly don't see why you even think she would take you back unless she is emotionally unstable

    She even said she does not love you


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  • If you treated her badly, you have to stop doing that. Otherwise it isn't fair to her. If you can do that, then you have to show her she's special. Don't just tell her. Get her a thoughtful Christmas or birthday gift or something.


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