Will he come back?

I have known my boyfriend for 8 months now we met in April, we had many fights but we always get through them and he always tells me how much he loves me and always shows it. He can't part away from me and if i go busy he'll start tellin me why u dnt care why u dnt love me anymore (despreat). Anyway he broke up with but i felt that he's so serious about it. He didn't block me or anything. He just told me he doesn't love me and doesn't want me anymore. Why? What happened? Coz when i lose my temper i dnt respect him as he says! Which is honestly nt true! He posted on ask. fm that he's single but hours later he deleted it. He's still tracking me what i upload and what i post on social networks. Few days ago he saw me online on whatsapp and asked with who im busy? I dont feel like its an official breakup can u guys please help me? Is he honest? And he's really over me? Will he be back?


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  • Have you asked him?

    • I begged him to give me one last chance and he said no its over and he's over me

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