Has anyone used Missed Connections?

Has anyone ever written a Missed Connection post that reached the person you were writing it for? I don't mean the ones where you see an attractive person you'll probably never see again and you didn't talk to them. I mean like the ones written to an ex or a person you have something to say to but can't do it directly. Have you actually gotten the message to that person that way?

I've always been fascinated by it, so I read through them a lot. Recently I've been posting to a girl I'm separated from. I get a lot of email replies and re: posts from people who think they're for them. People actually fight with each other back and forth over my post but none of them even know each other or are the girl I'm posting for. But I did get one email reply from someone with her initials (I did mention MC in passing the last time we talked). So what do you think the odds are that when you write a MC post that the person you're speaking to actually sees it? Anyone ever have any luck with it?
I'm referring to Craigslist.


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  • Does GAG now have a missed connections area?

  • No, but that's ny favourite section in the t. o. night magazine.


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