Ex girlfriend worries about me, why?

My ex broke up with me 4 months ago. I begged her to come back, she refused. I went NC for a week and asked her if she's over me. She said yes. I didn't say anything, accepted the fact. Tried to move on, and went NC again.2 weeks later she asks if Im okay. I said Im over her and okay, and then she admitted lying about getting over me. But didn't show any signs to reconciliation, so I played cool. It was just a text because she was unhappy and alone. AGAIN 2 weeks later asks if Im okay. I already stated that before, why she's trying to play friendly ex? This time I gave her the cold shoulder and she got angry, blamed me etc.

I mean, why she's trying to keep contacting me? She says she's over me. And I get it. But I see no point of contacting me (yeah, little bit logical, she worries about me because I was somewhat good boyfriend). But I dont know why she got angry because I gave her the cold shoulder, blaming me like crazy in our relationship. I thought she would understand to not contact me after the cold shoulder. Its a selfish act to remind herself like this, she was the one called quits. I still love her and this could give me false hope.

Why my ex worries about me?

Sorry about my English =(


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What Girls Said 1

  • Maybe she feels like she hurt you, and maybe she wants you to know she is sorry.

    • This isn't a good way to be sorry. Reminding herself every 2 week. At the same time, she says she's done. But I still love her. Selfish act to contact me, its even worse that still blaming me when I gave the cold shoulder.

What Guys Said 1

  • she probably doensn't know how to feel about it. maybe something was missing in the relationship. maybe she wanted to feel like you cared more or something like that. it happens she doenst know what she wants and is looking toward you for comfort dont go back to her its not worth it.

    • Nothing was missing except that I was acting horribly bad. Because I had some kind of personality disorder that I wasn't aware of. But she gave up on me anyways, never talked about our issues face to face.

    • wait if its the personality thing maybe she is worried about that part of you

    • Yeah, I get it. But I still love her. She just can't get angry because I dont want to speak to her and doubt her personality (she acts WEIRD).

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