Why were my ex and his mom spying on me?

My ex and I have broken up almost a yr. In that time, he got married. Him and I have some dealing with each other because we have a child. At first I was upset like any normal person, but with time I accepted things were over and moved forward. Last wk. I was going down stairs to empty the trash and as I was going down stairs I noticed a familiar car. They basically pulled in and backed out and when they had been spotted his mother let down the window and was claiming that she was coming by to make sure I knew about the custody possesion order. I told her I did.

My ex was in the back seat and the entire time he would not look up, he kept playing with his cellphone, mind you this was at 6 in the evening. I have also noticed that when we exchange my son, my ex looks up and down at my car. I recently got another vehicle and when I come to pick up our son he inspects my car. My question is why do you think they would come by my apartment in the parking lot at night?


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  • Maybe they are trying to find reasons for getting you in trouble so that you will have problems seeing your child in the future.


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