How would you feel if you were this girl?

You are a girl and you date guy A for 1.5 years. You end it with him in a such horrible fashion so you can date guy B. You are now dating this new guy and you guys break up after 2 years. Now you are alone, and lost all of your friends to be with guy B while guy A has everything going for him. He has a great job, a great new girlfriend, someone who travels a lot and has a good life. You have not talked to guy A in about 1.5 years... How would you feel about guy A now? Would there be any regret? Would you try to talk to guy A?
The girl is my sister by the way


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  • there's too much info missing from this post to give an accurate guess into how I'd feel if I were this girl, like:

    Why did I end it with guy A?
    What exactly is "such a horrible fashion"?
    Am I over guy A?
    What happened with guy B?
    How did things end with guy B?

    No way to tell how I'd feel if I were this girl, probably not even if those above questions were answered as everyones different


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  • If you have moved on to bigger and better, why do you give a fuck?
    Her loss

    • clearly its still is loss, he still sitting around trying to prove his worthiness to a woman who dumped him.

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    • I'm not the guy in the scenario. The girl is my sister. I told her to talk to him but I wasn't sure. I feel like she may have ruined her shot.

    • If the guy has moved on to better, she definitely has

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  • I don't regret ending it with any guy. to be quite honest, I don't care in the least how well any of them are doing now, I've never thought about who they may be with now. when I end it, I end it because he wasn't right for me. ending it is my accepting that and moving on with my life.

    I feel sorry for any man in a "great" new relationship, with a "great" career who's still sitting around dwelling on someone who didn't want him. no matter what he has, that guy is a loser.


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  • Ouuuu... A math question... I'd choice guy "x"


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