Should I text my recently broken up girlfriend a Merry Christmas?

Just as the question says.. She's been a bit cold and distant, and she's at her family's place out of state.

I sent her a Christmas gift via email (Nordstrom card) and she responded with a text about 12 hours later saying

"I received your card. Thank you. That was very kind of you"

which felt a bit formal, but then she's known to be formal with me sometimes in texts..
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anyone else have anything to add? Is it possible to bump this question?


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  • I think she still loves you so sending it would be a good move. What makes me think she still loves you? The fact that she messaged back a thank you, complimenting you for being kind. Besides she is known to be formal anyway, but if she were truly not giving a fuck she would have been like "thanks" or not replied.

    • Boy, I sure hope so.. Though she claims she's "never loved" me... just "cares for me"... she is VERY relationship averse and I frankly lost her originally because I was too needy and wanted to label us boyfriend and girlfriend early on, while she wanted to just call it friends with benefits, and told me she was still getting over her last relationship which broke her heart. We have some great times together but the last two times we went out ended with some drama, and I'm afraid I'm hurting her more than I want to..

      Thanks for your input tho.

    • the other odd thing is I'm pretty sure she's deliberately ignoring my social media posts on FB and Insta. She didn't used to do that, but I've since posted a profile pic change and a few pics that I know she would like but she's opted to like other people's posts and ignored mine... Again, wouldn't care except it is out of character a bit..

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