I made my ex girlfriend feel bad, Would this turn her off and make her feel like she owes me?

I have a friend (we'll call him bob), both of us dated the same girl obviously at different times. My relationship with her was twice as long as theirs and the more recent one (I broke up with her). Ok so cutting to the chase, We were all suppose to meet up with some other mutual friends for a get together but Im the only one who couldn't make it. Then my ex and bob decide to exclusively hangout the day after this get together (bob told me she didn't want anyone else invited), thus I didn't bother asking to hang out because then thats sort of disrespectful to their plans. Then she asks me to hang out a few days later because she is still in the area (she lives in another city) and it was suppose to be us two. This would be the first we hung out after the break up. On the day we're suppose to hang out, Bob decided to text her to hang out since he got out of work early (and she said yes) but to text me to let me know. This really bothered me. Not to mention I developed a bit of a headache too. when bob went to use the bathroom, I called her out on it (after she said that I'm quiet and look mad, when in reality my resting face kind of looks mad) and said that this whole situation wasn't fair to me and that it really bothered me that she didn't acknowledge the fact that It was suppose to be us two. Was I wrong by doing this? Does this turn her off and make her feel like she owes me? Should I have just let it go and not spoken about it


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  • Well if you wanted it to be just the two of you, you should've said so, and she's your "friend" now, she doesn't owe you alone time at all. Just let it go if you want to remain friends because there will always be another opportunity.

  • If something bothers you, you have every right to speak up about it.
    She pretty much altered your plans to her own agenda , before making this move the right thing to do would have been to find out if you were ok with it.
    She went about things the wrong way.
    She needed to be told this because it's possible she could do this again in the future.
    Don't feel bad about speaking up.
    Hopefully, you mentioning this makes her reflect on what she could have done differently.
    If she has any decency , she will realize she was wrong and apologize.


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