No Contact Twice? Cut Off Complety? Message Normally? Friends? Any Chance? So Confused?

I was dating a girl for a couple of months, everything was great however things progressed really fast and I met her parents and she met mine. I went away on vacation for a month and didn’t respond to her for a couple of days and ever since she started getting distant and broke up with me when I got back and wanted to be friends. She’s been hurt in the past and I was guessing she didn’t want to get hurt again and was scared of commitment.

Anyways, I was a needy and brought up the relationship a couple of times (begging, love letter.. etc). After about a week I did no contact but only for 18 days and started slowly texting her and building rapport. It was starting to work and we texted more often. I met her about a month after and met one of her girl friends that night as well, however that same night, I brought up the relationship again and started questioning her and even tried making a move (big mistake) She pushed back and said she needed time. I became needy again and started to push her to talk, called her a bunch of times with no response and got upset when she wasn’t responding. Last message I sent her was lets be friends and asked her to hang out. – No response.

I’ve done no contact again I’m now in day 25.. but this time, I haven’t heard anything from her. She’s on vacation right now.. Should I reach out to her on day 30 and wish her a Happy New year? and then from there give it more time (another 30 days of no contact) before building rapport again? or should I continue on and do a longer no contact and message her and try to start slowly building rapport again? Or should I not message at all for months and hope that she comes back some how?

I know it was a short relationship and I’ve made a lot of mistakes. I have no idea if she’s seeing anyone else but it can very well be the case.. Just need help on the best approach.
Any one?


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  • You keep playing with her head with this hot and cold treatment. No girl would want that. If you don't talk to her for 3 weeks, she'd think you are no longer interested or do not care at all. So step up your game or just leave her alone.

  • i would just leave her alone as she has not reciprocated well to your previous advances
    this is also a good time to become a stronger less needier person
    there are lots of ladies out there

  • Cut off contact.


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