My ex girlfriend has lost her mind and now she is moving to Thailand for work?

things between us have been weird for a while , i last saw her on Thanksgiving weekend (canadian so in October ) and things seemed better as she had just returned home for the weekend and was in a good mood and appeared to want to talk to me. but she was really drunk that weekend and often appears to have a serious issue with alcohol when drinking. then i haven't heard from her since , not a word and not seen her anywhere.
i finally checked online. managed to locate her instagram page as i don't have an account it was hard to find , noticed a few things , one she doesn't appear to be seeing anyone , her parents/families small dog recently passed away and she was upset , she appears to be missing her friends from school as she graduated last year and a new posted dated just 1 day ago indicated she was leaving in march for a job overseas teaching in thailand of all places. i don't really know what her connection to thailand is as i don't believe she can speak any Asian languages or any connection to that region at all. it all seems very bizare that she would want to go there for an entire year to work. as a small white girl it would seem like an odd place to go and i would be somewhat worried about her safety over there especially if she hits the bars and is as drunk there is she was here.

i really don't know what to make of this anymore , i really think she has lost it and this thailand job is some crazy idea she dream up to excape from her reality here , it really makes no sense why she'd go there


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  • You are her ex. Why do you think this even concerns you?

    • well I'm not moving to Thailand so I agree there. I'm just rather worried about her , after what I've seen of her at the bar when she was a drunken mess and now these posts online which seem to indicate some issues and now this crazy move to asia for work. last year she already moved out west for 6 months to work at a hotel , its like she feels a constant need to escape reality or something

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