What should I do next? I really need help?

So me and my ex girlfriend have been dating for almost 3 months. She broke up with me because she is moving back home which is really far away. She still has me on Social Media and our photos. I sent her a snapchat today just saying Merry Christmas and I saw that she opened it. A little bit later I saw her post a selfie of her saying she enjoyed the Star Wars movie but I could tell she has been crying. And I know that she opened it right when she got out of the movies and she woulda posted her snap right after the movies as well. I know we just broke up about a week or 2 ago but I think she still has feelings for me. I honestly want to text her saying if we could talk and maybe try long distance because we really enjoyed talking to each other. Also this was the first time I contact her after we broke up.


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