Why did he break up with me but non stop texting me from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day?

He wants out last week because he is focusing on the negative instead of majority of the positive between us. He said he wants to remain in my life. I asked if that means friend with benefit. He goes no I know you better than that.

im currently out of town we only had 2 video calls since the break up. The first one he was crying saying he thinks I'm the perfect girlfriend but we clash. He said face to face is making it really hard to leave. I said you can drop my stuf at my work if you don't ever want to see me again. He said he can drop it to me in person when I'm back in town

second video call he was avoiding eye contact with me. Then he text me the same day saying merry Christmas Eve and how he loved this day when he was a kid.

On Christmas Day he kept texting me showing me his cooking even he was busy with his family.

Then when hen I told him I got food poisoning he completely ignore me like he doesn't know me. His attitude changed 180 degree.


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  • This guy seems confused. He does not seem to know what he wants... Are you sure he did not meet someone else and this is just a show to cover it up? Either ways, I would recommend no contact - it can help you both see things from a different perspective.

    • Yes I'm sure he hasn't met anyone else. I'm just away for holiday. Also when he broke up he reassure me there's no one else.

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