Hi, my girlfriend broke up with me but she text, s me like she still wants me?

Here's My story, we have been together about 2 years I'm 44 and she's 47 we get on so well I mean really well.
we have so much in common we make each other laugh all the time we both love spending time together and go away a lot but she keeps telling me I should find someone who deserves me I'm the most loveliest man she's ever met and I'm too good to be true. I believe a woman should be treated with love and respect. I really love this woman she is so perfect and it really breaks my heart that she doesn't want me I don't understand why. Here is one text she sent me::
I'm so sorry. You deserve so much more than you're getting from me. Simple as that really. I can't waste your time any longer!! It's not fair on you. You're so much fun and I really don't think anybody else will ever be as lovely as you've been.
Never laughed so much in my life as when I've been with you.
Any advice would be appreciated thank you.


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  • idt she wants 2 b with u but she might b lonely and kinda emotionally brused


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