How do you know when to call it quits?

My boyfriend of 9 months, was really nice in the beginning and seemingly understanding, suddenly , he doesn't like my friends, most of my family, we cannot talk good for a week without him behaving like an a**! for simple things like changing a radio station and he doesn't want to break up. I'm still with him because I believe every relationship has it's ups and downs. The only happy point is that he has a son who is so wonderful and we get along great, I shudder sometimes to think that he will have to put up with him without any support if I leave. But sometimes I feel like I don't care and he could just go his way, I am trying not to get to the point where I write him off emotionally .


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  • Break up with him, let him know what your babysitting rates are. He'll find out quickly that using his kid to keep women around only works for a short time if he's going to be a jerk to those women.

    What kind of relationship are you going to have with someone who doesn't like your friends or family? He's not cool with them yet you feel compelled to stay for his son? That's not fair to you, but you allow it.

    You said "I shudder sometimes to think that he will have to put up with him without any support if I leave. " - Are you concerned about this kid's safety? Or is the guy's parenting skills just not up to your standards? Either way, doesn't sound like the relationship will work and you need to end it. , but if you think the kid is not safe in his care, do something about that.


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  • When the going gets tough


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  • I think he is simply an ass...but he didn't show his true colors until now. So even though you have an amazing relationship with his son that's not reason enough to stay with him. You need someone who really deserves you.


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