Guys, Help!!! What would you classify as a date opposed to 2 friends just hanging out?

My ex took me to a movie he paid for the tickets and I just paid for the pop. Before we left as soon as I got to his apartment he complimented me 3 times in a row. Getting ready to go he had to ask me if his outfit looked nice and if he smelled go.
Like I said he paid for the movie tickets and I paid for the pops. After we went to go get pizza and he paid for that too. He was making me laugh the whole time.

Was this a date or not?
Guys please comment!!!
Guys comment!!!


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  • That's a date to me

    • Is there any way he can think of it as not a date?

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    • We'll can't he just be taking it slow? I mean you can't go full speed ahead if you want to get back together with someone right?

    • Right?

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