Why the funny act?

Me and my boyfriend have been having a lot of problems lately. He seemed clear about breaking up initially. After he came to my house we talked. He appeared to be unapologetic about something that angered me although, when initially addressed the issue I was disrespectful about it. So by the end of night he agreed to stick with the relationship. He's been acting distant and when I bumped into him he played as if everything was cool and that he even tried contacting me although I never got the message. A few days had passed by prior to this conversation. During this time I didn't contact him so I don't understand why he'd play chill if he doesn't want to be bothered. I asked him about a Christmas I deserved and he agreed to get it but didn't really contact me today, I contacted him. And once again he appeared to be distant and not text back right away or at all.


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  • Sounds like he's trying to slowly back out of the relationship.


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