Getting over someone is tough stuff! Any advice?

Idk I feel as though I'm getting over her... the emotional pain is nowhere near as bad as it was. I don't hurt throughout the day, its easier to focus on important things... I'm doing good, But sometimes I just still get upset over her and it not working out. The situation is long and complicated and it didn't exactly end well either.

But still its like sometimes I don't ever want to be over it... Just a few min ago I listened to a song that totally brought me back and for the first time in a while, I cried and it hurt again... but it was different... It was like I accept it the way things are now but I just idk... I loved her. I don't know sometimes it just feels good to cry over someone you really cared for. Like I don't know if I'm over it for sure completely. I wake up a lot thinking about her and can't control it.

Idk its just like the most beautiful feelings I've ever felt, even if it hurts a lot, even if I can't have her. Like I said, I'm doing much better than I was a while ago and I'm totally fine, but I'm still just effected by her a bit. I think I always will be.

I wish she just somehow knew... I wish things could be different... Nobody can love her the way I could.

But it's OK. I'm at a point now where I'm good, but will these feelings ever totally stop? part of me doesn't want them to, but ya know. It just feels good to hurt over someone... I don't know why.

Any thoughts or advice? I really hope I can meet someone new and special that can totally captivate me like she did. But this time, I want someone who can reciprocate!


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  • Hi !

    i've the same proplem the difference here that he gave up on me & sounds like it was easy to him to forget me.

    i tried to give up first but I couldn't just give up on him that easy but he did give up,that confused me more then anytime & hurt me so bad even I know it was a good decision because I really got tired of just wishing & hoping I really wanted him to insult me so I can hate him and move on so easy but he never said 1bad word to me so I don't think that pain will end I don't think that I'll get over him but I should thank him for what he did to me,he made me feel so happy but afraid I don't know why but he is gone now I don't know what is he doing right now?is he OK?alive?who knows.

    i can just say that getting over someone you really loved is impossible especially when they were nice,cares about you,kind,and trustworthy.

    He stole my heart and it was unexpected.

    maybe when you date someone else you will forget her for a bit but you will remember her more then anytime I no how is it.


    • So like you're saying that I won't ever COMPLETELY get over her? that I'll always remember? I just want to be able to give my whole heart to someone else... sometimes it feels like I can't anymore, because deep down I'll always want her. :(

    • Some people can give their hearts to someone else but in my case I think I can't till I delete him completely from my head and it sounds like he won't get out.

      you said you want to find someone else to give your heart to So then no doubt you will find that person.

      what made me say that you will always remember her and you won't get over her because you said in your post that part of you doesn't want to that feeling stop.

      that's why if you decided deeply that you don't want to remember her again you will get over her but if not then you are stuck.

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  • Sorry Curious

    Boy what's your strory?

    Did she tell you why she doesn't want you or something?the problem here that you didn't explain your situation so it is really confusing me.

    It just why you didn't tell her your real feelings about her?

    it is ok if you didn't want to tell me just say I can't.

    • Sorry that's not my business it is ok don't tell me.

      It just you remind me of someone.

      I guess your 19 right?

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    • Sorry lol... I actually sent you a FR that you accepted... I was gonna tell ya over chat or something, but it's nevr said you were available. there's a lot of story to tell.

    • Then message me

  • some people can stay friends with their lovers even after they were in your position they can be friends or even a really close friends because they care about them.

    well if you are mad because you lost her friendship then go call her do something so you can feel better or even talk to her again about the situation you can't keep getting hurt forever and it was before a couple months and that's a good time to get her friendship back trust me if you didn't decide now between just Forget and never cry and talk about it again Or go look for a solution to get her friendship back before is to late,trust me you will tire and hurt worst then now and the pain will stay with you till you die.

    But as you said you are great with your life without her friendship.

    Then don't complain don't cry or even get upset.

    i know your happy because you did love her as a friend and more then it she gave you that amazing feeling which is all people look for it now and put questions and they try to learn how to get it & some got it & lost it.

  • did she die?

    if so sorry to hear that.

    if not I know how it feels when you love someone who you just left,it is very hard to just forget and move are moving on but you think of her and you get upset why? you said you're doing great with your life without her you shouldn't get upset,you shouldn't cry,you wanted to live your life without her so dude why you cried?

    and what you meant about "you can't have her" you broke up with her right?

    you don't make sense.

    i can't give you a good advice better then this"you better get time with your self to think why your upset?

    why you cry over her?

    ask your self questions and answer it at the same time ?

    It helps you to realise what is going on?

    • No she didn't die... just a major falling out. we're not friends anymore.

      its just I felt something intense for her, the first person I ever felt something like that for. it was just unrequited love for a friend...

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    • Well... I don't LIKE it, I like the fact that I felt so strongly for someone... but yeah were sorta talked about it, but there's too much to explain... It just sucks losing a friend because you love her. My feelings were too strong to be friends with her. It hasn't been a year, but a few months since things happened. I'm doing a lot better tho like I said. I'm getting there.

    • Sorry I must put an answer again

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  • No shortcuts to this. Only time can heal your wounds. Go meet someone new to speed up the healing process.

    • Yeah... tryin'! lol

      I'm doing quiet alright now, but like I said it just can come out of nowhere and hurt a bit, but never at the wrong time anymore. And its not distracting or anything like it used to be. It's almost kinda good. lol idk.

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    • Sorry but I have this question in my head.

      you are getting over her and you hope to find someone else to captivates you like how she did Then why you wish that she somehow knew?

      i mean if she knew that, nothing will change.Your moving on why you care if she knew or not?

    • I just wish she had a better understanding of the extent of my feelings. maybe she'd understand better, maybe she'd feel really special, maybe she'd have been willing to give me the chance... That's kinda what I mean.

      I just wish things could have been different.

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