Does he miss me? Would he ever want to be back together?

I had a boyfriend. We would of been dating for 11 months now. About 5 months ago we found out we were going to be young parents. He's 17 and I'm 18. I moved in for about 3 months and it turn to be the worst idea ever. We would argue so much over stupid things, we worked together and we both don't drive yet. So I'm assuming we got annoyed of each other Or I don't know. Anyway one day I just moved out and told him i moved out so we could fix ourselfs. We could go to relationship counseling, give each other space and eventually move in together. To make it short he got really hurt over that and now he doesn't want to rush things he wants time to do it things he is still going to relationship counseling but he doesn't want to be together. For the mean time he's with his cousins drinking on Christmas, he even went to the zoo on Christmas and didn't invite me.. He also plans to he plans to go to six flags paintballing and all these things and I'm just here pregnant. Do we even have a chance together anymore or what? Does he miss me? He says he does but yet his actions tell me different. What's your opinion?


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  • On one hand part of giving him space is him living his life. But you need to really communicate the idea to him that he is about to be a member of a family and that you do deserve some commitment and endearment.

  • i dont think so


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  • You both are really young and not ready for the full responsibility of a human life you have ahead of you.
    However, life does not wait for you to get ready.
    You have to take what comes, use it as a stepping ladder in order to achieve greater.
    The road of communication between you and your boyfriend is broken.
    This road has got to be fixed, if anything even stands a chance at getting better.
    I suggest you pull him aside, and talk to him (in a non-confrontational way).
    Let him know how he has made you feel.
    Let him know what he has done.
    Let him know this has got to stop, you are going to have a baby.
    What this is going to provide is an unstable environment , which the baby needs.
    If you both cannot make things work, you are better off being separated.

    Some people think,
    It's great to have two parents together to raise a child.
    I say no, not in every case because sometimes both parents butt heads so much that they provide a toxic environment for that child.
    Remember, that child sees and listens, he/she is inhaling those fumes.
    That child will become a product of his/her environment.
    You don't want that.

    So if things don't even stand a chance of working out, after you keep trying, then you have to leave!
    It won't be easy, but you have to.

    Your baby will be better off with you and the support of your family.
    He can still be in his child's life and provide, all this means is that you both won't be a couple anymore.

    My advice to you,
    Is to try to fix that road of communication on your part (by providing an open environment to talk to him).
    He has to do this part to if this is going to work.
    If he continues to fail on his part, then you have no choice but to leave.

    Your options are:
    A) Sit around with your child (when he/she is born) waiting for daddy to come home and care about the both of you or
    B) Move on with your life, provide for your child, and do what's best for him/her. ((always keep the door open for Dad to be in his child's life))--However romantically in yours, he lacks maturity level for that to happen.


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