Going through a break up and I'm having a horrible difficult time moving on, please please help?

it's taking all my energy trying not to think about him. I know this seems ridiculous since I've only know him for 2 months, but I loved him to the best of my abilities. Being rejected sucks. I wanna be that girl that deserves a man who can treat her like a princess. He wasn't able to do that, I don't know if it was because he was too busy being in the military or if he actually didn't want me but just didn't know how to say it. But I never was treated right no matter how much love I showed. I don't like that I'm so weak when it comes to this stuff because I'm so tempted to text him. I hate that I could never find out if he wanted me or not because he was always too busy to answer that question so I just assumed he didn't want me anymore and I broke it off a couple of days ago. I know I should feel empowered that I stood up for myself, but I just feel like going back and asking him. I know it wrong, but I tried everything to stop myself, hanging out everyday with friends, doing what I wanted to do, EVERYTHING. But I always find myself writing him a text that I will never send in the middle of the night crying. I know I'm pathetic so I'm asking for Help please?


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  • While you spend your time worrying, you'll actually use your imagination to make things you don't want. you can't enter into others mind to see what they'e thinking about. your next step will make you see things clearly, don't be afraid to talk with him or send him a message to determine what you want and what you need.

    • So basically I need closure and I need to talk to him to get it? And if I talk to him, is it okay to pour my heart out pathetically or should I hold back a bit? Also, if I do talk to him, should it be after the holidays? because he's spending time with family he hasn't seen in a while so I don't wanna intrude.

    • Cuz I just realized that I typed the longest novel if how I feel. Maybe simple is better or should I just let it all out? Sorry, Im really lost rn.

    • just don't worry, In this situation you've to be honest and know that you can't hide what inside your heart.(soon or later will appear in your behavior).
      talk and explain to him how you feel about the whole situation and show self-esteem.
      you won't be able to know your power, until you find yourself in a situation where you have no choice but to be strong.

      fear of the truth eliminates what's left in the breasts of hope, so you deserve to know who you are and what you need.

      (but promise yourself no matter how harsh the truth, you'll be a better person than before.)

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  • You need to ask to ask him to at least get closer. You NEVER should ASSUME in a relationship because guys have a harder time opening up to us or they just show us how they feel through their actions because sometimes it's easier for them to open up that way.

    • But I mean we're broken up. It's too late now, isn't it?

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    • And I asked him before but he kept avoiding the question I got frustrated and just broke it off.

    • We'll maybe he's avoiding the question to not get hurt like he did you never know.

      If you love him of course it's not too late. Just talk to him

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  • Hint: I never go for the girl that expects to be treated like a princess. She has to deserve it, too. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind treating a girl like a princess, but it's two-way traffic: it has to come from both sides.
    And if you weren't treated right, then what makes you think that he will ever do so? Especially because you mention you showed him a lot of love.


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  • It will get better. Trust me. I broke up with my ex back in June and its taken me this long till now to get over him. And I've known him for quite sometime. Trust me it will get better. I thought I would never get over him and then i met this really hot guy whos in a local band and Now my attention and focus is on him. Chin up. you're still young you might go through this a few more times.


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