Is he being spiteful?

my ex boyfriend does everything in his power to hurt me...from the way he speaks to the way he acts sometimes...when i tell him lets not be friends anymore he doesn't want that? is he acting this way because he still loves me and is hurt by the way things ended?

he speaks to me rudely, like he doesn't care, and yes we have a few of the same friends not many


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  • The "why" doesn't matter. What matters is that he is doing it, and you need to cut off all contact with him completely. Doesn't matter whether he approves of that decision or not.


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  • it sounds like he's been verbally abusive and possessive of you... you might be experiencing narcissistic abuse. Best possible thing to do is to cut off all ties, people like this will only continue to hurt you.


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  • And how does he speak to you? Does he call you names? Does he abuse you? It sounds like you and your ex really need to talk things through. It also sounds like you and your ex have the same circle of friends...which is weird.

    • Bring it up to his attention and have a thorough discussion over this. Set conditions and ground rules. You two are adults and you guys should be able to be open to talk about this.

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