Why do guys say "you deserve better"?

I'm good friends with my ex boyfriend, and he occasionally tells me how he thinks I "deserve better". Sometimes he'll say it after I say something he considers sweet or understanding, and sometimes it's completely random. Like one time we were talking about something completely unrelated and he told me he was thinking about me and wondering why I ever dated him because I'm "so much better of a person" than he is. He's a very genuine person but I've been told that when guys say this, it normally isn't sincere, but is that true? He's expressed a lot of regret about how he handled the breakup. We had to breakup because we were both going to college far away from eachother, but he did the breaking up. I don't really see why he'd have any motive to say this (it's not like I'm trying to pursue our relationship again or anything, although I do have lingering feelings, but it's not like I mentioned it to him which prompted him to say this) so what's the deal?


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  • Sounds like low self-esteem on his part. Maybe he can't get past how he handled the breakup and maybe he's regretful, so he's slipped into this "oh, I suck" funk.


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