Is it wrong for me to care what he is doing?

My husband and I are going through the big D. I moved out the first week of November. The kids are with me. Every week end they go to his house. Monday my little girl (4) told me "daddy mailed a valentine card to his new girl friend" I did not know he was dating some one new. I did not think I would even care but now I feel empty and sad. I don't feel attracted to him, but I love him we have kids together. I am glad he is happy but I can't stop thinking about him with someone new.


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  • wow I'm sorry to hear your feeling down about this! it must be hard to hear he's moving on! even though you thought you wouldn't care this was always going to be a horrible time because it means that that era of your life is over for sure!

    All I can say is remember and tell yourself why you guys are going through the big d and you'll remember why you love him like you used to! but like you said you will always love him because he gave you the gift of your children!

    keep your head up! try keep smiling because god never gives us a problem we can't handle! its just all about us finding how to cope and deal with it!

    sending all my love and prayers


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