Almost wish I could be insensitive?

I broke up w/my 1st boyfriend, 1st love a couple months ago. I put up w/him losing interest for months, I tried to talk to him about it, but he brushed it off. One time I couldn't take it anymore because his treatment of me and I sat down to talk to him. He ended up calling me crazy. When we broke up of course he blamed me, that I didn't accept how "different he was" (no I could not accept a man who puts little effort into himself and even less to none in caring about me). Now I wish I could just leave and look for something else w/no hurt feelings. This is a man who told me he has never loved a woman like he has loved me, but I'm betting after the break up he went somewhere to find a hole to stick his d*** in. I know these people end up miserable, but it is so tempting to stop caring.


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  • Don't waste any more tears on him than he spent time for you. Your fault he says I say horse chit. If he had loved you as he said he wouldn't have had anything that would have kept him from being with you. Nothing at all

  • Just move on girl the "first one is the worst one" ~ boys like girls


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