Is ex really over me?

It was a long distance relationship. 3 yrs. It was SO great many times, because we have this connection that he still can't deny. well. things went badly after not seeing him for many months, and I broke up with him. he found a new girl a week later. got official with her 2 weeks after that. at first he telling me he needs to move on and was sort've nice, but as time progressed, got meaner and insulted me so badly, always telling his friends how great his girlfriend is in bed, and telling me personally how trustworthy she is and better than me.

he didn't contact me for a week until he knew that I knew that his girlfriend has a kid. he didn't want anyone else to know. in the same convo said stuff like "I'm not completely over you" and "i do wanna know what you're upto lately" and asks if I've found a new man yet and stuff...but also things like "I'm so glad you're out of my life" and "you're not even worth revenge"...

that was a couple days ago...still has me on msn, for some reason, but blocked. I don't know what to think of him, I don't know if he really likes that girl or or just trying to hurt me. she's obviously not as attractive as I am, but he says she's "so much hotter than my ex" is to his friends...

now he's told me his girlfriend doesn't want us 2 speak no more,so it was our last conversation. but after an hour, he broke down. he cried. he told me he couldn't forget me because he didn't want he's waitin 2 see how my valentines date goes


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  • He's over you. He has a girlfriend that is not long distance. Sorry, but having physical visual and auditory senses of a person all at once...will always win over a computer, a phone, a webcam, and the occasional visit.

    • Kayne here pretty much nailed it down.

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    • Suppose so..he doesn't wanna stop talking now..told me how I'm better than her in every way, and I said you're just saying that to hurt me, and he said no its the truth. I'm just going to ignore him for as long as I can or maybe just deal with it until it doesn't hurt speaking to him anymore..maybe he will soon be happier with her, enough to actually let me go. thx for ur advice.

    • He may actually like you more, but that's because you were "together" 3 years. He is programmed towards you, it is just natural. If you let him in again, he will only reverse it again. He is confused, and it is best for you to move on or you will get hurt more and more.

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  • If your ex is telling his friends that his current girlfriend is "so much hotter than my ex," why in the world would you even think that he has any interest in you? Ignore him, show him that you don't care about his new girlfriend and move on seriously.


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