Should I send my ex-girlfriend flowers on Valentine's Day?

We split up about 6 months ago and still occasionally talk. I don't want to get back with her, but I'd like to send the flower's to let her know I still care about her. Will she interpret this the wrong way?


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  • Yes she will, if you do send her the flowers you will be sending her mixed messages which won't do any good on her part.

    • We were together for nearly five years and it was the first big relationship either of us were in.We had a clean break and there's no bad feelings between us. It seems wrong to ignore her on a day which is traditionally a celebration of love; especially when we had so much fun and love during the time we were together. would something different be more appropriate? Thanks :)

    • A card would seem more appropriate

  • if that happened in my situation, I would take it the wrong way!


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